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Simple websites.

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Single website
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Host your own websites.

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Multiple websites
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly cost?

Not necessarily. We can build you a site and get you set up with something quickly. You can have us make updates at any time after we launch your new site. But we do offer a monthly option to keep things updated for you regularly.

What's involved in the site maintenance?

Unlike other platforms like Wordpress. Our web sites don't require updating themes, wordpress, and plugins constantly to keep the lights on. All security updates and patches are managed by us. The only maintenance required is very minimal. All you need to keep the site online is a hosting package that includes everything you need such as a Domain, SSL certficiate, and hosting. Our packages range from $25 -- $200 per month depending on the project needs.

Can I maintain my own site?

You can definitely maintain your own site. We just need to know upfront that is how you wish to continue updating your site.

How long does the process take?

Usually the process takes between 1 and 6 weeks to complete a website. Unique scenarios may increase this due to project size though. Digital marketing and SEO projects are typically ongoing and may not have a timeline.

What is needed from me upfront?

We usually start with a discovery phone call where we will ask a bunch of questions to define the scope of your projects and fine tune your proposal to exactly what you need.

Can you migrate our Wordpress site?

Yes, we can migrate your existing Wordpress site and even makes updates to the design or content in the process. Or just lift and shift exactly what you have. We can even give you the access to make your own edits on a much simpler platform with no plugins to maintain constantly.

Can't find the right answer?

Our support is ready to help you, please get in touch today and we will help you out.